Thursday, September 6, 2012

Visual Dare: The Odd Couple

I must use this image in one of two ways:

*Incorporate it into my current WIP - literally or figuratively
*Use it as a 100 word flash fiction to get the brain going in a different creative direction.

Elenora and Eris argued much; Elenora usually won.  Eris told himself that Elenora’s cat eyes, black hair, and gracefulness were not the only reason he married her, though her snobbish, fickle attitude was hard for him to ignore.  Elenora thought similarly of Eris.  He seemed always to flee at the first hint of Elenora. 
Elenora awaited Eris’ return, hoping to remind him of his wrongness.  He barged in and flew up the staircase to his laboratory; Elenora followed. 
“Drink this wine,” Eris said.  Elenora did and yowled like a cat as it burnt her throat.  Eris uttered a raven’s cackle.

Photo prompt courtesy of Anonymous Legacy's Visual Dare


Angela said...

Bahaha. This sounds like the beginning to a dark fairy tale....

So glad you joined the Visual Dare!! Hope to see you again for future flash fiction endeavors. :D

Kern Windwraith said...

Ooh, nasty old Eris! I'm guessing Elenora won't be doing too much arguing in the next while. :) I enjoyed your take on the prompt.