Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just A Few Words about Nothing in Particular

  Okay, so I've created a blog series separate from my "Spiel-blog" called "I Have Some Words for You..."  Originally, "Some Words" was just going to be about my current WIP (Work In Progress), but I wasn't careful and consistent with my topics, and it turned into a Spiel-blog.  However, his series will be exclusively about "Fables of the Kirmakor," my current WIP.  Not this post, though, because it's just an orientation.

  Those of you who read my first blog, which I neglected to name, have already had an overview of "Fables," so y'all are familiar with my ideas.  However, my story is ever-changing, always maturing and going in directions I never thought it would go, so y'all are going to have to unlearn some things as my story evolves (for instance, I've already taken Daurian's Orondíl-hood away from him...  Poor kid).  In fact, the only time I'm not contemplating the inner workings of my iceberg of a story is when I'm riding Atlas. When I'm riding is when all that goes through my mind is some song or other on an endless loop.

  Actually, y'all deserve a picture of Atlas, because he's a great horse, if a little stubborn and slow to love a person:

   Yes, he's my best bud.  If he and Saphira (from the Inheritance Cycle - I'm an Era-nerd) were competing for the Best Non-Human BFF Award, Atlas would win, hands down.  Saphira wouldn't touch him.  He has little to nothing to do with my story (though his name is used in my father's book, The Eye of Telerion), I just thought y'all should meet him.  :)

  That's all I have for y'all for now.  Y'all should be proud - I didn't go on a rant this time!  I'm determined to make this blog a no-rant zone.

  My dear Atlas...  He carries the world upon his shoulders.  He's too fat to shrug though...  Sorry Miss Rand...

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